An Invitation to Bid

The Irish American Community Center (IACC) is seeking bids for the following projects:


Upgrade of electrical system for staging and hall lighting to include:

·         Spot lights and all stage lighting changed to an LED energy efficient system

·         Upgrade hall lighting to maximize LED energy efficiency

·         Upgrade emergency lighting system  to meet code

Upgrade sound system and create zones for the interior and exterior of the building to include:

·         Energy efficient components that work together, including speakers and sound equipment

·         The ability to connect to our existing sound board for stage productions

·         The ability to play multi-media systems (cd’s, phones, TV, etc.)


Additional information:

The IACC is a non-profit organization. 

Our tax free status should be considered in all bids. 

All work shall be guaranteed. Insurance is essential.  

For inquires contact Mike at 203-640-8927 or Eileen at 203-584-4233.


All bid information should be sent by Feb 2, 2018 to::


9 Venice Place

East Haven, CT 06512