Drama – Play

Join us for the next Irish drama  “Dancing at Lughnasa”

Wednesday, November 8th to Saturday, November 11th at 7:30 pm and Sunday, November 12th at 3:00 pm

The Gaelic Players are in rehearsal for their production of “Dancing at Lughnasa” which is considered to be author Brian Friel’s masterpiece.

It is set in 1936 Donegal and is a memory play narrated from the point of view of adult Michael, the son of one of the five unmarried Mundy sisters, their priest brother who returns home from a leper colony in Uganda, and Michael’s wandering father.

The cast includes Karl Ryan, Eileen O’Keefe Roxbee, Peter Lynch, Doreen Keogh Busca, Sarah Finnegan, Paul Tynan, Thelma Starrs Macilvaine, Katie Morris Santacroce, and is directed by Sandy Hanrahan.

More info regarding purchasing tickets will follow.

Please mark your calendars and don’t miss this production.


 Since 1968 the New Haven Gaelic Players have impressed audiences with their presentations of works of such playwrights as Sean O’Casey, John B. Keane, Brian Friel, Brendan Behan and Vincent Carroll.  The club has supported actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes managers who were extraordinarily talented and who were nurtured and mentored and enthusiastically accepted by New Haven area theatre goers.