Mackey Family Meal Train

John Mackey, Member and Past NHGF&HC President, has had polycythemia for the last 10 years and this has now transitioned to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He is currently receiving treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital. John was admitted to the hospital on August 13, 2018 and is undergoing induction chemotherapy for his Leukemia which may require up to a month stay in the hospital.

In the future he will be again admitted to the hospital to undergo a bone marrow transplant, which will be an extended arduous admission. Fortunately his brother Bill is a match!

John, Wendy, James, Tessa and Lily are a strong family who have given endlessly to friends, family and community. They are now the ones who need our assistance. We can support and assist them in this stressful journey by providing meals, lawn cutting, transportation, etc.

What is a Meal Train?  There are times in our lives when friends and family ask, “What can I do to help out?” The answer is usually to help them with a meal. When many friends give a meal, this is a Meal Train. is a free meal calendar tool that makes planning meals among a wide group easy and less stressful. 

Click the following link to pick a day you’d like to give a meal

Thank you so incredibly much for reading this and for participating in the Mackey meal train.