Capital Campaign Donations

The Irish American Community Center is a 501C3 non profit organization, making your donation tax deductible.

The club truly appreciates your support for our continued improvements to the club and its programs.

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Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and great generosity!



(update as of  September 1, 2016)

Due to the support of our members we have raised $51,341 in cash and pledges to date.

We also received a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) grant.  

  THANK YOU to our members for your generosity!  

THANK YOU to the GAA for the grant!


The capital improvement campaign is necessary to help raise funds for interior and exterior improvements which include remodeling the front façade on the building and the lounge area. Additionally, a large outside patio and pavilion will be constructed and the expansion of our field to the minimum Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) requirements. These improvements will make our facility more enjoyable for all our members. The removal of rock and excess dirt will start up again in the spring. The GAA’s decision was to grant us $82,000 – thank you GAA. This is our club and we need your support to complete these key projects. Every dollar will bring us closer to our goal. Please remember that the Irish American Community Center, Inc. is recognized as a 501C3 not-for-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore your charitable contributions are deductible to the extent allowable under IRS regulations. Please check with your tax advisor for any limits on your contribution. Thank you again to those who have supported this campaign and in advance to our remaining members for your anticipated generous support.

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations to our capital improvement campaign:

Gold $1,000 to $4,999:  Sean Cox, Carroll MacFarlane, Michael Hanlon, John and Wendy Mackey, Sean Scollan (Anna and Daniel Murphy), John and Kathleen O’Donovan, Michael and Anne Faherty, John and Alison McCormack, John and Anne Cullinan, Jay and Kelly McGuinness, Miriam and Joe Lillis, William and Rosemary Barrett, Geoffrey Maxwell, Bill & Denise Mackey, George Waldron, Edward & Sarah Foley, Dennis & Andrea Regan, Vincent & Maureen McCabe, Sean O’Murray, State Farm Companies Foundation, Eileen and Kevin Roxbee, John & Maisie O’ Keefe, Fred & Kathleen Saunders, Bob & Maryalyce Lee, Margaret & Charlie Starrs, Robert & Carmel Larese, Gerrard Keniry, Carole Brown,  Edward Shanahan, Chris Manning.

Silver $500 to $999:   Diane Wright, Patrick and Carolyn Hosey, David and Agnes Flynn, Dominic Sheehan, Richard Ranciato, Martin & Pat Donohue, Peter and Mary Burke, Carolyn Westerfield, Ann Brady, Aiden Shine, Dan Turbett, Robert & Maria Roche, Anne & John Hines, State Farm Good Neighbor Grant Program via John McCormack,  Michael Ryan, Emmet & Elizabeth Moore.

Bronze Less than $500:  Timothy Wall, Joan Hess, Vincent Kiernan, William and Eileen Tinker, Richard and Margaret Hopkins, Richard and Maryette Russell, Lisabeth and Shawn Hemingway, John and Louise Ortoleva, Joseph and Teresa Gill, Justine Miller, Susan McNerney, Vivian Baker, Patricia O’Connor, Tom and Maura Sullivan, Mary Parker, David and Elizabeth O’Keefe, George O’Day Jr, Joseph and Cecilia Martin, Bruce and Mary Dapkins, Claire Boylan, Ronald and Geraldine Remer, John and Adela Collins, Kevin and Frances Woods, Cornelius and Joan Foley, Michael and Agnes Sheehan, Ann Pervier, Michael Malone, Robert T Gilhuly, John and Audrey Hanniford, Claire & William Brayfield, Edward McMahon, Anna Turbett Crowe, The Selmani Family: Joan, Michael & Klara, Catherine McMorrow, Kathleen Turbett, Rosemary Balsam MD, Michael & Margaret Shea, Dr. Dori Cole, Joe Nolan, Daniel & Emma Kirby, Katherine Heeran, Daria McCabe, Fr. Philip Sharkey, Rory McCormack, Ann Smyth, Francis and Cristine Supple, Gerry and Anne Marie Rooney, Kirby & Laurie Hawkes, Carole B. Brown, John McGowan, Denis Pomfret, Theresa Turbett O’Brien, Brendan & Maura Donohue, Maureen C. Delahunt, Joseph Foley, Mary (Crissie) C. Parker, Georgeanne Flanagan, David & Elizabeth O’Keefe, Susan McNerney, Michael & Andrea Hogan, Jason & Jillian Simms, Bob & Maryette Russell, Russell & Pauline Mower, Nathalie Manniel, Mary Wallace, Bruce & Mary Dapkins, Patricia Stratton Bailey, Anne & Paul Paulsen, Eileen Tozzo (Courtney), Ann Pervier, Shelia & John Haverhampf, Brian Burgh, Frank Supple, Mary Jane Conroy, Daniel Mallon, Anne Marie Mulholland, Edward & Eileen Donadio, Geraldine Faherty, Vincent & Claire Cleary, Donald & Bernadette White, Eileen Mulvey. Helen Kobylenski, David Howe, Thomas Sbabo, Margaret Jensen, John & Marie Lawless, Dorel Benson, Mike & Maryann Dean, Brendan Faherty, Connor, Deirdre and Seamus Dolan, Emmet & Elizabeth Moore, Judy Doyle and Mike Clifford, Enda Cox/Donna Borzillo, Laurel Blauvelt, Robert & Shirley Meagher, Thomas Brennan, Rita & Christian Brayfield, Patricia Wall, Alice Marsh, William & Justine Early, Dermot Mulhall, Tommy O’Malley, Ann Purcell, Tom & Linda Morrissey, Sharon Kearns, Pat Heslin, Cathy & Bobby Catapano, Susanne Bowery, Dawne Flynn, George Pritchard, Paul Rook, John (Jay) Cannon, Patrick & Mary Begley, Cheryl Kling, Susanne Cooney, Marion Smith, Margot L’Heureux, James & Sandra Hanrahan, Betty Hunter,  Mary & Christopher Flanagan, Audrey Mealia, Joseph Lynch, Frank & Brigid White, Sheila Garvey, Joan Harlow, Patricia & Sam Bello, John & Nancy Callahan, Irene & Walter Heller, Bernadette McInerney, William & Mary Connolly, Jim & Mary Lyng, Elizabeth Regan, Mary Kelleher, Edith Kufta, Jim & Linda Martens, Siobhan Stewart.

Thank you again for those who have supported this campaign and in advance to our remaining members for your anticipated generous support.

If you need additional information and/or have questions please contact any member of the executive board or any of the following capital improvement campaign committee members:  Mike Faherty (Campaign Chairman at 203-640-8927), Donna Borzillo, Sean Cox, John Cullinan, Mike Hanlon, Lisa Hemingway, Pat Hosey, John Mackey, John McCormack, John O’Donovan, Rich Ranciato, Eileen Roxbee, and Aly Wheway.

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