Heritage Pub

The grand opening was held on October 3, 2015 of the newly renovated lounge

now named the “Heritage Pub” because of you.

Each member is a part of the long history and heritage of the NHGF&HC / IACC.


 There continues to be a Coat of Arms fundraiser.

 By purchasing your Coat of Arms ($60.00) you will have your family name 

on the walls of the Heritage Pub.  

Proceeds will go to towards the club’s building renovations. 

 Coat of Arms 2

Click below to order your Coat of Arms.

Coat of Arms Order Form


In addition, there are family photos and Irish photos on the walls of the pub.  

If you are interested in adding your family photo or Irish photo as part of the new pub

please scan your photo to theresa.obrien@live.com