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Every Friday Night doors open at 5:30 PM and Bingo starts at 7:00 PM.

Admission is $5 = 20 Games

An additional purchase of a bundle of $5, $7, or $12

Bring your own snacks.

Looking for volunteers to call the numbers and work the floor. If interested, please reach out to Mary Roddy 203-506-8367 or



Thursday Every Week at 8:00 PM

Great drink prices / Bring your own snacks to share

For more information reach out to Kerry at



In 1995 when Sean Canning was President and Tom Faherty was Vice-President of the Club, a great idea was hatched. Since the Club was empty most days, why not start a retiree group. A lunch was offered with Maureen Mulhall cooking and Anna May McNulty serving. The 'Retirees' Club' was born with Peter Burke the first President.


When Beth and Pat joined some years later, Janet Butterworth was President and the 'Retirees' had a large membership and lots was going on including many wonderful programs and great day and overnight trips arranged by Joan Atzbach.


Sadly, as time has passed, attendance has dropped, there was is longer an interest in trips or programs, people are getting older and we haven't been getting new members. In 2024, Beth and Pat have had to make the difficult decision that it is time to end the 'Retirees Club.'  It is a hard and sad decision but one that had to be made.


Thank you to all who worked so hard for many so years to make the 'Retirees Club' what it was. Thanks for the wonderful memories.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.



               Beth and Pat


For further information contact either of the Co-Presidents of the Retirees Club:

Pat Donohue 203-248-4325 or

Beth Murphy 203-230-2993


A listing of the NHGF&HC Deceased Members is available at the club.

The listing is located in a three-ring binder in the cabinet in the lounge.

Suggestions, comments, additions or corrections contact Bern Singer at

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